How to do Full Commercial Gym Set up In Five Steps?

The commercial gym is a highly competitive industry. It needs a proper marketing strategy, determination, strong financial back-up, and several other factors to make it thriving and eventually a successful setup. So, if a budding entrepreneur thinks that they will make a fortune overnight through their gym business, they will have to learn the hardships of the business in later life.

To avoid such hard learnings, gym businesses should understand the importance of stepwise climbing the stairs of success. There will be five-step detailing for a complete commercial setup in the following paragraphs.

Five Steps for a successful commercial gym setup

Target specific customer base

First and foremost, the point of consideration for any business is customers. They are the very blood in the veins of the venture. A successful businessperson can not afford to go haywire in attracting all the customers.

Every sector has a specific customer base, and so does the gym business. Understand the unique selling point of the gym and target the specific segment. Make a comprehensive marketing campaign targeting that section of the people. The mode of communication should be customer-specific too.

For all these, a businessperson has to do a lot of research and analysis before reaching the final points on ways to approach prospective gym members. The marketing approach should be specific to the area, gender, age group, etc.

Example: If the gym set is for IT professionals and senior management, the marketing campaign should focus on IT parks, high-end residential complexes, and similar places.

Smart employees

Many gym businesses emphasized salary saving and compromise on the social skills of their employees. While hiring, give a closer observation on future employee’s soft skills, physique, and mental attitude.

If they seem physically fit, socially connected, and smart enough to convince, hire them. They will not work efficiently but bring new members to the gym. They will engage existing clients; those clients will refer their contacts if they feel comfortable with the gym set up and staff.

Apart from existing members, smart employees also bring their network as new members if they find benefits in increment or bonus.

Use the existing human resource and bring new members to the gym to increase revenue.

New and updated machinery

These days everybody is on google. Before coming to the gym, they do all the research about your equipment, gym facility, staff, etc. They need new, updated, technologically advanced equipment, and most of them do not care to pay more.

So, do not think over full gym set price, equipment procurement, low budget infrastructure, etc. Consult leading equipment providers such as Meerut gym & gymnastics works, and they will provide tech-savvy and ungraded gym sets. If think deeply, this will save future expenses.

Promote gym as unique set up

The business world out there is too crowded, and a gym business needs to think out of the box to thrive and succeed. To set up a gym business, promote it differently from other available gyms in the locality.

For example, promote it as Men’s only, IT people only, Ladies special. If your locality has gender-specific gyms, promote yours as Unisex. Advertise special courses for weight loss, exercises for the post-pregnancy period, special fitness courses for retired people, etc.

The advertising objective should be to attract maximum eyeballs and place the gym differently from dozens of others in the city.

Influential marketing

One of the most unique and popular methods of promotion is influential marketing. Through influential marketing, gym owner can promote their business in a celebrity YouTube channel or blog, or social handles.

Bloggers, YouTubers, Social media influencers with millions of followers take some fees and make a video or write a column or do a photo shoot at the gym. They post on their respective channels.

This gives huge publicity at a fraction of the cost. All the followers watch the video or column at least once. This gives a great number of qualified leads and new members to the gym.


Any successful business is the outcome of organized and stepwise planning. A gym business set up with the steps mentioned above, and innovative thinking can make it successful. Do not show haste in making decisions, and there are hundreds of examples are out there. Refer them on YouTube, read about them on the web, learn from their achievements and failures. This will help in setting up a successful gym business.

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