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    Nine Things to Avoid for a Successful Gym Business in Bhopal

    Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and one of the rapidly growing cities in India, along with Nagpur, Coimbatore, Surat, Ahmedabad, etc. Businesses are growing, and people are becoming financially strong. All indicators, including government initiatives, environmental factors, local supportive population, skilled workforce, and more, provide perfect business opportunities.

    If you have a gym business or starting a new one in Bhopal, you should consider some points and avoid common mistakes made by companies that bankrupted them. Gym business is a highly competitive sector, and you need to consider certain factors to thrive and grow a successful gym business.

    A gym is one of the easiest businesses to open & operate, but certain mistakes can be disastrous for the business and could go bankrupt. According to a survey conducted by Forbes Media, around twenty percent of small businesses do not complete their first year, and around fifty percent complete their five years successfully.

    Mistakes happen in operating a business; you can make a difference by avoiding mistakes and learn from past mistakes. This way, you can make your gym business profitable and running smoothly.

    Mistakes to be avoided for a successful gym business

    Excessive expenditure

    Gym owners makes a mistake by spending too much on infrastructure and equipment without a proper revenue model. It is not advisable to bear huge bills and loans at the start of the business.

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    Gym property rent, equipment bill is a major expenditure while opening the gym. Don’t commit too much to this stuff. Purchase only the most essential equipment first and expand later after increased membership and revenue. Stay financially organized and cautious at the time of making long-term commitments.

    Opening business in a saturated market

    Bhopal is home to dozens of gyms and fitness centers. If you are opening a gym business in a saturated market where dozens of gyms and fitness centers already exist, your gym will face very close competition. You might feel frustrated in the long-term for low return on investment, few memberships, etc.

    As a new business in the city, the point is always to avoid too much competition in the same genre. Research on own, talk to people in areas with no gyms or available gym does not have much-upgraded facilities. You can also follow real estate news and decide on an upcoming part of the city.

    Marketing mistakes

    Don’t try to fit all sizes. Training methods are different for different categories of work-out. You cannot suggest exercises the same for marathon preparation, or fit physique, or bodybuilding. People with different requirements need different treatments.

    Focus on your unique selling points, make your marketing plan around one specific genre or area, and project yourself as an expert for that activity.

    Avoid being a yes-man for everything, it might seem relevant in the short run for getting new members, but it will cause trouble for your business in the long run. You can not satisfy all, and it will create negative reviews about your center.

    Failure to retain existing members

    Another very common mistake is not giving due attention to the existing members of the gym. Existing members are not only a source of revenue but, if properly managed, can be great brand ambassadors. If satisfied with your services and equipment, they will share good words about you and refer new members.

    Please do not ignore your current members; interact with them, offer them some deals and offers from time to time. They will get you more business. Improve their interaction through gym’s anniversary, recreational activities, sports day out, etc.

    Too much inconsistency in brand communication

    Brand making takes a long period with consistent brand communication to the target audience. The message for communication should not be inconsistent and unclear. Your advertising campaign and other forms of promotional campaigns should similarly convey your brand.

    Frequent changes in marketing strategies and campaigns hamper your effort to build a brand identity.

    Hiring mistakes

    Running a business is a serious thing to do; it should not be taken casually. People generally make this blunder while hiring staff for the new gym or fitness center. Friends and relatives as staff can be a great nuisance and bad decision to make.

    There might be some cases where family and friends manage the business better, but it is not a good idea in most cases.

    For example- your future girlfriend as staff will most probably take the job for granted and would not work with dedication. Try not to hire someone from family and friends. Hire only professionals not related to you from anywhere.

    Lack of employee loyalty and team-building exercises

    Smart and loyal employees are tough to find and retain, especially those with great skills and experience. They take the experience at your gym and leave for better opportunities.

    You should promote employee loyalty through team-building exercises. Employee loyalty programs are global practice, and businesses adopt this to retain a quality workforce.
    To do so, plan team-building exercises and conduct employee development activities.

    Some of the examples of team-building activities

    • A getaway for the weekend to a nearby tourist destination
    • Outing at a hotel or resort
    • Team building activity on sports; playing golf or cricket or football, etc
    • Send staff to attend some fitness-related seminar or conference.
    • Internal competition and surprise reward or award.

    Unprofessionalism and different fee’s structure

    Gym managers, trainers, dieticians, and even the owner himself should be strictly professional on the premises. As an owner, you must put forth an example to follow by staff and even members to some extent.

    One common practice by gym staff is selling membership by making false commitments and different fee structures. Never make such a mistake. First, it will be difficult to remember so much variation in fees, and second, if members come to know about different fees, they will leave your gym and create a very bad brand impression.

    Professionalism at the gym includes:

    • Be punctual and arrive before members at the facility
    • Show dedication towards client’s goal and what they are saying
    • Be communicative and friendly with clients. Bring solutions to customer’s requirements.

    Cheap and low-quality equipment

    It might seem attractive to buy cheap products from small manufacturers and suppliers; these cheap products need regular repairs and do not last long. You should not go for low-quality products if you want a successful business in the fitness industry.

    A reliable and trustworthy gym equipment manufacturer in Bhopal will provide you quality products without a hole in the pocket. One of the major manufacturers in this segment is Meerut gym & gymnastic works. We are suppliers of indoor and outdoor gym equipment, tools, sports gym equipment. We provide upgraded and tech-savvy equipment for a long & prosperous gym business.

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