How to Make your Gym Business Relevant in Mumbai post-lockdown?

Mumbai, the land of Bollywood and financial capital of India, has people of specific demand and choices. People here are trendsetters and always want to be frontrunners. They do everything to be fit and in shape. To fulfil Mumbaikar’s needs, you must make your commercial gym relevant enough.

Your gym should be appealing and with the latest gadgets in the best condition. Meerut gym and gymnastic work is the perfect partner to do so. We understand the nerve of the gym and fitness industry. Our experienced staff knows exactly what your customer wants from the gym.

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We have just defeated the second wave of the corona epidemic, and we might as a society have to learn to live with it. We need to be more sympathetic towards nature, careful about the immune system, strong physique, strong determination, etc. Mumbai being the center point of the pandemic from the beginning, people here are more concerned about future happenings.

To make themselves prepared from within, they are enrolling in a large number for a commercial gym or purchasing gym equipment for home purposes. So, how to stay relevant in these changing and turbulent times?

Tips to stay relevant in the gym business

Proper adherence to government rules and guidelines

The world is recovering from the corona pandemic. Dozens of pharma companies have introduced their vaccines with different instructions and gaps between two doses of vaccine. Things are getting back to normal.

But this is the time you evaluate the situation carefully and make plans to re-invest and upgrade the commercial gym. Your gym should have proper guidelines as specified by the government and a simple process for following them.

Unfortunately, you will lose some members if you follow guidelines, but you have to ignore that. Most of the people will appreciate your efforts in making arrangements for the safety of the members.

Make certain rules, including six feet distance, mask, hand sanitization while entering the premises, and exit after a workout. To ease the process, keep sanitizer, extra mask, an extra towel, etc., at the most approachable location such as reception and washroom.

The government has made commendable efforts for universal vaccination and has made certain guidelines for opening gym and fitness centres in Mumbai and another part of Maharashtra. Abide by these rules and let your members know that you respect the system and care for the safety of your members.

Re-strategize and planning

We were in lockdown for more than a year now, people have become accustomed to the home environment for work out. To bring them back into your gym requires a lot of planning and strategy. It will also require investment to attract new customers and retaining existing ones.

First of all, start communication. Bring out the list of members, start dialling them one by one. If you have multiple gyms and hundreds of members, you can assign someone for tele-calling. Don’t start by selling because they already knew your gym and were working out before lockdown struck.

Ask their well-being and ask politely when they are planning to re-join. Give them some offers or discounts for being loyal members. Don’t forget to thanks the person at the end of the call.

Use multiple channels of communication such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, etc.

You need to revise fee structure, equipment stock, position, etc. Make some new offers and discounts for new prospects, use social media marketing and paid advertisement for promoting the gym. It will also help in brand recall, especially in your local area.

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Make a promotional video

Though making a promotional video is part of a promotional campaign, it requires several aspects and time to record, broadcast, analyse.

A promotional video is a video about your commercial gym with all upgrades, including modern, user-friendly equipment, placement of machinery, workout platform, etc. Video works best for the communication with all types of audience. To make a video that brings quality new clients and brings back existing members, you need only the best gym equipment manufacturer in Mumbai.

Get in touch with Meerut gym & gymnastic works for certified quality products at a much affordable cost compared to other manufacturers in the city. We are suppliers of various products, including indoor & outdoor gym equipment, sports gym equipment, quality fitness equipment, children’s park equipment, and many more.

Choose from a wide range of products for your commercial gym and make a stunning promotional video.

The promotional video should contain a brief introduction of the gym, products with close shots. Take some snaps while someone is working-out, to showcase machines in action. Give an entourage of the premises.

After making the video, ensure to post where it will hit the most. If you are using social media channels for promotion, your audience, area, and age group should be defined and selected. Do targeted marketing to attract the most relevant audience.

Move beyond locals or go online

Everything is online these days, and if you want to expand, you must join the digital revolution to spread your services far and wide. If you are confined to a particular area of Mumbai city, go outside of it. Mumbai is a huge city with prospective suburban areas around.

Make promotional campaigns to attract people from all areas of the city. Take the help of on-ground activation, hoardings, attend industry-specific groups online, etc. People should see you on the web, and if you are not on the web, you are probably in cave times.

Take online bookings, run some advertisements with bulk discounts, seasonal discounts, etc. Email marketing is another way to promote yourself online.

Another way to go online is to allow multiple payment options such as cards, wallets, account, cash, etc.

Ensure quality of the equipment with best in the industry

Whatever you do to lure new members and recall existing members post lockdown, one thing that will make all the difference from other gym owners is the quality of the equipment.

If you falter in quality, people might come for the first time but would not continue with you. A member’s comfort and quality of the equipment decide the relevance of your gym in Mumbai.

Meerut gym & gymnastics works ensure quality and process every piece of equipment through stringent quality checks and observation. We provide only the best for our esteemed clients nationally and internationally.

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