Meerut Gym & Gymnastic Works, Meerut is a well-established, widely prominent and popular manufacturer and exporter of Quality Fitness Equipment, Gym Equipment, Gymnastic & Athletic Equipments, All Type of Children Park Equipments and All Synthetic Sports Surfaces. We are properly and exclusively authorized for laying Astroturf from FIH approved company, and Athletic track from IAAF Approved Companies.


Meerut Gym & Gymnastic Works is one of the highly successful and popular companies of India, engaged in the manufacture and export of Gymnasium and Sports Equipments, for people of all ages. Our most successful and reliable brand name is “MARINO”, which is synonymous with trust and quality. Ours is a well-established company, properly registered and widely recognized, which has been catering gratifyingly to the varied needs of national & International people related with various types of sports, since last 15 years. We believe in supplying gym and sports equipments and products of excellent function and performance at very reasonable prices. Our every product passes through various stringent quality control checks, before dispatching the same to the domestic and global markets. Our all gym and sports equipments are designed according to the dimensional recommendations of the international federations of particular sport. We take utmost care of our services, both pre- and post- delivery, and wait eagerly for client feedbacks. We strongly believe in the superior quality and impeccable usefulness of our all gym and sports products, supplied to myriads of national and global clients. Our discerning sports company has quality infrastructure and a pool of broadly experienced and innovative professionals, besides a large number of ancillary personnel, in order to manufacture expedient products & equipments of impeccable quality, rather economically.


Our Vision is to provide expedient, reliable, and innovative Gym and Sports Equipments, together with their accessories, to the people of India and the world, at most competitive & reasonable prices.


We manufacture, supply, and export the following extensive range of Gym and Sports Products and Equipments:

  1. All Type Of Gym Equipments
  2. All Type Of Gymnastic Equipment
  3. Athletic Equipments
  4. All Type Of Children Park Equipments
  5. All Synthetic Sports Surfaces


  1. We are widely prominent for rather prompt, punctual, and smooth deliveries, domestic or international.
  2. We never compromise with the quality and functionality of our products. A separate Quality Control department is well equipped with latest technology to fulfill our objective.
  3. Throughout our well-rounded, steady growth, which is continuing even today, we have maintained stringent quality control and remained competitive by upgrading and modernizing our production machinery. Our committed Employees have been serving us dedicatedly in meeting our international standards.
  4. In manufacturing Gym Equipment & Fitness Equipment, we take scrupulous care of material quality, rigidity & specification suitable to resemble with human body tone. Every angle is checked precisely to avoid injuries & hazardous effects on human body. Before devising any fitness & gym machine, elegant advice & guidance is taken from the physiotherapists, doctors, and gym experts & coach, to reach at most favorable results.
  5. Unwilling to compromise with the expedience and quality of products, Meerut gym & Gymnastic Works uses materials and components of only the finest quality and durability.
  6. We provide all stack weighs with colorful covers which are completely smooth and expedient. Precise multi-position pad adjustments and pre-stretch entry/exit levers wherever required, spring loaded pins, seat assemblies for smooth and easy adjustments, and optional wide range of motion limiters and resistance cams of the unique new features incorporated in this exciting line.
  7. A combination of expedience, beauty, and durability, is creatively offered, which can be expect from Meerut gym & Gymnastic Works. There are no shortcuts taken in the manufacturing of our wide range of Gym & Sports Equipments.


Our Client base is a combination of both concentration of new clients and retention of the existing one. Our company commands business rapport and relationship with the following widely prominent clients.

  1. Sports Authority Of India
  2. Central Command
  3. Assam Rifles
  4. Signal Regiment
  5. Sahara India
  6. Up Govt
  7. Rajasthan State Govt
  8. Uttranchal State Govt
  1. Assam Govt
  2. M.p. Govt
  3. Ccs Univ. Meerut
  4. Barkatullah Univ, Bhopal
  5. Jiwaji Univ Gwalior
  6. Purvanchal University
  7. Lucknow University Etc

A quick stroll or a gym might be helpful. Physical exercise activates several brain chemicals that can help make you feel happy, relaxed, and less worried. You may also feel better when you practice often, which can increase your confidence and your self-esteem corporate executives a sedentary lifestyle and high standards of stress are not uncommon. Failure to achieve a decrease in power, durability, and health affecting productivity and performance. Besides the reduction of heart disease risk, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, type 2, and some types of cancer, you may keep your daily activities more efficient and energy-efficient. Corporate wellness programs do not just improve output, but also improve loyalty for employees. They help to build a Spirit Team, boost trust and morality. Both the Toll Corporate Lifestyle and the benefits of creating a personal fitness system may help us understand this. We have developed a range of solutions and services to meet the fitness requirements of corporate employees with the ultimate objective of spreading fitness via well-organized organizations.


We have many forms of membership for your needs. When exercise is part of your regular life, you gain the most benefit from fitness. This is why we offer a regular six-month subscription. We also provide short-term solutions for getting started.


As a monthly reciprocal payment, you can pay for your membership at once. You may also specify your start date so you pay just from the first meeting.” You are free to start your membership.


It’s wonderful to train with a pal. And proof indicates it motivates you too. You and your new fellow trainer will benefit if a friend joins in on your recommendation. Request specifics from a member of the team.

Personal Training Program

It provides certificate courses in Fitness, Personal Training, and Spinning. It includes several topics to be dealt with and to assure the best practice in India on multinational brands. The 3-month courses are supervised by trained staff at this gym and include Guest lectures from the world’s largest companies with guaranteed internships and the possibility for world leaders to have a first-hand training experience. The GFI is the most interesting and up-to-date training path to earn leadership skills in the business and continuing training in all elements of fitness.

Quick Result Programme

It mostly involves weight-bearing activities aimed at the core of the abdomen and lower back muscles. Functional training efforts to adapt or develop exercises to enable people to do daily life activities easier and without injury. MI And body fat levels have increased day by day that is responsible for obesity due to several reasons such as sedentary lifestyle, reduced energy expenditure, unhealthy eating habits, high stress levels, etc. Obesity and Others: High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Heart, Stroke, Diabetes, PCOD, Hypothyroidism, Gall, Depression, Knee Pain, etc. This is why the Quick Result Program helps reduce excess fat mass at this gym. It’s a fast way to meet your fitness objectives. You don’t only lose but gain and tone your body with help in fitness, functional training, and nutritional advice. A combination of cardio training, high intensity, nutritionist support, and Blood tests. This program consists of cardio training. Here We Deliver On Time Results By Monitoring Them On Regular Basis.

Features Of Quick Result Program Are:

Functional Training: This includes activities aimed at bearing weight in the abdomen and lower back of core muscles. Functional training seeks to adapt or design workouts that make it easier for people to conduct their regular duties without injury

Functional training benefits

  1. Improved mood Prolongs life Metabolism
  2. Encourages lasting weight reduction
  3. strengthens the arteries and heart
  4. Enhances bone density
  5. Reduces chronic condition risk

Supporting nutrition:  the food you eat becomes the blood that passes through your veins. It is essential to quickly get the results of a balanced low-calorie diet. A diet plan as per a lifestyle and eating pattern is prescribed by in-house dietitian Will. Keeps a count of calories and interacts with members on an ongoing basis in-house dietitians. It’s A Complete Assistance Even When Traveling.

Corporate Wellness Program

The gym has been the fitness authority for the first Indian gym. It was the place to be fit. The first Gym comprised handmade equipment and an effort to get results long before the contemporary health centre emerged. It was a hit immediately. The gym was fast regarded as ‘Bodybuilding Mecca.’ In 1977, when Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno appeared in the film Pumping Iron, Gym got international notice. From India’s first gym, the fitness profile of Gym today has been extended to include all modern facilities, including group exercises, personalized training, cardiovascular appliances, spinning, and yoga while retaining its history of weight lifting. The gym became the world’s favourite gym for celebrities, athletes, bodybuilders, fitness lovers, and military fans. Especially through enabling individuals to realize their potential, Gym continues to influence lives.


  1. Training in cardiovascular.
  2. Circuit training and strength.
  3. Training Free Weight.
  4. Massage and steam. Massage and steam.
  5. Weight loss/weight gain (Nutritional Counselling).
  6. Training Group (Aerobics, Kick Boxing, Power Yoga, and Swimming, etc.).
  7. Programs on-site and off-site.



  1. Improved mental and physical ability of the employee.
  2. Improved self-esteem of the employee.
  3. Increased physical activity and exercise make the staff happy.
  4. Overall health improvement, resulting in a healthier worker at work and home.
  5. Positive exercises infiltrate all elements of the life of the employee.

Benefits of regular physical activity

Training can help to avoid excess weight gain or to sustain weight reduction. You burn calories when you do physical activities. The stronger the work, the more calories you are burning. Regular excursions to the fitness centre are fantastic but don’t panic if you can’t find a lot of time every morning to practice. Every action is better than none. You can acquire the advantages from a workout by using the stairs rather than the lift or by upgrading your homework throughout the day. Coherence is crucial.