Quick Dispatch

Nobody needs to sit tight for quite a while for delivery. At Meerut Gym and Gymnastic Works, we generally stick to the quick dispatch guideline. On the off chance that we can prepare your shipment that very day, we will.

Nonetheless, kindly comprehend that because of unforeseeable conditions, at times, there could be delays in getting the request out to you on schedule. We will put forth a valiant effort to stay away from circumstances like this.

Delivery is conveyed during workdays and business hours, as it were.

Delivery Times

Delivery can be made in India wide and Delivery times are rules and are never ensures. Meerut Gym and Gymnastic Works won’t offer pay for any Delivery that shows up later than the gauge given.

100% protected of the psyche as the entirety of our delivery require a signature on appearance so they won’t be left unattended at your front entryway.

Our plan to proficient delivery, whenever it has been passed to the messenger organization, a few Delivery might be late because of your area, mishaps or neighbourhood interruptions.

Meerut Gym and Gymnastic Works won’t be at risk for any considerable misfortune for Delivery times in these occurrences.

In the event that your request looks harmed on delivery, kindly check your delivery prior to getting paperwork done for it and advise the Delivery driver regarding harm and request that they sign the damage.

Some of the time, in case of hazardous messengers, you may discover your package conveyed by an alternate dispatch of our decision to guarantee safe delivery of the item.

Cash On Delivery

The expense of delivery depends on many elements like the distance and the help you pick.

Kindly go ahead and enter the postcode and our framework will ascertain all the accessible delivery alternatives and expenses for you.


Nobody At Home To Accept The Delivery?

We energetically suggest setting your best contact number during the request cycle, on the off chance that where our messenger needs to inform and plan for a Delivery day.

Do I Need To Help The Courier with Heavy/Bulky Items?

Our norm or express delivery will accompany a one-individual driver who can dump enormous and massive things with the assistance of someone else. By and large, no lifting is included; however, straightforward dumping onto the floor where they may have a hand-streetcar or gadget make things simple.

For example, for incredibly huge things, a Gym station or enormous Treadmill (Viper or Prime models), we prompt preparing for help.

Both norm and expedited service evaluating depend on a one-individual driver in particular.

On the off chance that help can’t be given to the driver, kindly email to info@meerutgym.com/meerutgym@gmail.com prior to putting in the request to check whether we can offer any elective arrangements.

Can The Courier Install The Product For Me?

Tragically, our dispatch administrations are simply ready to convey the item to your ground floor, front entryway area. All items are stuffed well and accompany directions and apparatuses (where important) to guarantee a simple and quick establishment measure.

On the off chance that you require extra on location gathering administrations, if it’s not too much trouble, consider booking our Assembly benefits, which can be found in our online store.

I Received Fewer Cartons or Items Than I Should Have.

In the uncommon case that short delivery happen, we prescribe checking the entirety of the containers on the delivery agenda to guarantee that they coordinate with the containers you’re accepting.

We strongly recommend acknowledging the delivery, a blemish on the transportation agenda, conveyed short and email info@meerutgym.com/meerutgym@gmail.com of this event.

Short delivery doesn’t really mean things are lost, as certain messengers will, in general, push out delivery as fast as could really be expected, particularly during the bustling Christmas or shopping seasons.

What To Do If My Delivery Arrives Damaged?

Our dispatches maneuver carefully, and our bundling incorporates bunches of materials to forestall any taking care of or travel harm.

On the off chance that your container shows up harmed, we strongly prescribe to acknowledge the delivery, illuminate the driver about the harmed condition, snap some picture confirmations, and email info@meerutgym.com/meerutgym@gmail.com of this event.

Harm to the bundling may not really mean your thing has been harmed. We prescribe to acknowledge the delivery, investigate the item, and inform us of any harms, with a portrayal of the harm and photographs appended so we can put together maintenance, parts substitution, or swap to rely upon the issue.

Would I be able to Change My Address After It Has Been Shipped Out?

In the event that the request has been delivered out, we can presently don’t modify the location or roll out any improvements to your request.

While in possession of the dispatch, changing addresses will cause a redirection charge, as our messengers should re-mark and adjust their framework to mirror the changes.