Buying, installing, and getting the right equipment for your gym is a bit challenging. However, with us, you don’t have to fear at all. We take care of all the details and necessary steps that are required for you. Also, there are some common questions that you will have while purchasing the materials about the process and about the best way that is needed to go through it. This is why we have selected these common questions that almost every buyer has while purchasing things online. We hope to guide you with all the necessary things you need to know concerning our entire procedure and materials through the list of frequently asked questions as provided below.

What is refurbished equipment?

Refurbished machines should have all wearing pieces replaced, resprayed, new furniture and thouroughly serviced and tested. This is not a service we currently sell as the expense involved sometimes result in devices more costly than our own collection of modern gym equipment. Unfortunately there are several firms selling so called ‘refurbished’ exercise facilities which are well below quality. we have seen cases where a computer has merely been washed and then sold as ‘Fully Refurbished’ and subsequently malfunction quite soon after purchasing. Of the worst circumstances the covers have not yet been removed for inspection. we recommend you inquire thoroughly prior to purchasing this sort of unit.

What is the difference between Olympic and standard weight?

This corresponds to the centre hole diameter. 2” for Olympic, 1” for standard plates. Obviously one wants the right bars for the correct plates.

Occasionally other sizes can be found, they appear to be domestic choices only.

What are the different types of weight plates?

Weight plate choice is normally dependent on customer choice and price. Commercial alternatives include Tri Grip, (easier to handle) Rubber Coated and plain cast Metal. Both of these are incredibly robust. Calibrated plates are used for competition. Their weight is very precise, (to within 5gms) and they prove to be very costly due to this. Weights stocked by Gymwarehouse show their mass in both Kg and Lb.

Any domestic options are available which are sand or water covered. It seem to be cumbersome and rather disappointing.

What are the different types of dumbells are available?

Adjustable dumbbells can be plate loaded or ‘automatic’. The user will choose the load needed for an exercise. This are ideal for home use but the continuous change of dumbbell weight can be time consuming and distracting.

Commercial gyms prefer to use Racks of dumbbells. This consist of series of dumbbells preset to a given weight. These vary in shape, (Hexagonal or Round) structure, (plates or solid) and composition, (Rubber, Chrome or cast) (Rubber, Chrome or cast). Selection is generally based on preference and price. Obviously Hex dumbbells do not roll and can be handy in some settings, (i.e. Cruise ships) (i.e. Cruise ships).

What are supplements, protein powders, creatine etc?

Supplements are a variety of items the trainer can use to add to their diet to improve possible muscle growth/development. Any of the drugs, i.e. protein powders) contain amino acids which are the key building blocks for muscle.

Mass gainers have a combination of proteins and carbohydrates for nutrition. Energy drinks are better taken before/during preparation. They have stamina for the exercise.

Creatine is a drug occurring naturally in the body (in muscle) (in muscle). It encourages an athlete to exercise harder and heal faster.

We stock some of the Nutrisport line of supplements as they deliver a sensible range of drugs at realistic prices.

Taking supplements alone would not contribute to the benefit of lean mu

They offer energy for the workout.

What is the difference between powdercoat and wet coat painting?

In the Powdercoat phase a powder is poured onto the metal base, (also using electrostatic attraction) (also using electrostatic attraction). The frame is cooked in an oven and the colour baked onto the metal.

Wet painting typically entails multiple coat of ‘wet’ paint in a cellulose solution being rubbed onto the wall. The paint is allowed to dry throughout coatings.

Broadly powder coating can give a more durable/robust finish.

What is the change between domestic and commercial grade gym equipment?

Commercial grade computers can account for the number of people expected to use the devices. The devices would be reliable and deliver a strong service life under continuous regular use. Commercial equipment would have high duty box section (75mm x 50mm x 3mm or greater), sturdy seat coverings, steel cables and cast steel weights. Generally each commercial system can only execute one workout, (there are exceptions) (there are exceptions). Any insurance providers do stipulate minimum frame size on resistance machines. Usually a single commercial selectorised gym station would weigh in the area of 250Kg.

Domestic devices can be constructed from lightweight materials. Frequently ‘Multigyms’ are sold .

What are Kettlebells?

“The kettlebell or girya (Russian: ãèðÿ) is a distinctive Russian cast-iron weight looking something like a cannonball with a handle” ….. ”Kettlebell routines are designed to improve stamina, flexibility, mobility and coordination, engaging both the muscular and cardiovascular system with complex, total-body movements”

What options do I have with the commercial range of machines?

Multiple paint and seat colours are available upon request, (some will include a surcharge) (some may require a surcharge). Gymwarehouse retain stock of White computers with black chairs.

Do you keep your commercial fitness items in stock?

Well, usually we try to keep stock of most of our specialist gym machines in the traditional colours

Hence, it is impossible to clear all of the doubts through this list, as some questions vary from one to another. So, you can contact us either through our office phone number or email us for those doubts. This is required to provide easy cooperation with everything to each of our clients.