5 Must Have Active Home Gym Equipment for a Killer Fitness Routine
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5 Must Have Active Home Gym Equipment for a Killer Fitness Routine

If you’re a fitness enthusiast committed to your personal fitness goals and looking for home gym equipment, here’s a list that you can check out. In this post, we are going to tell you about 5 must-have gym equipment for home that’ll let you happily maintain your fitness routine.

1 Air Bike

For smooth leg movement, an air bike can be the ultimate choice. An air bike looks like a stationary bike but it’s designed with large wheels to provide resistance. This equipment is quite versatile when it comes to functionality.

That’s because it comprises the power of both cardiovascular and HIIT training. Though it mainly works on the lower portion of the body, it can also help you develop your core strength. There are adjustable resistance provided to help you choose the intensity of your workout at different levels.

Our high-end air bikes are built with micro-adjustable tension control and adjustable seat height. There’s a monitor as well to track distance, time, speed and calories.

2 Chrome Weight Press

This strength training equipment comprises a barbell handle with chrome plated weight plates. The equipment can be used to perform various types of weightlifting workouts based on your fitness preference and resistance level. You can work on different body muscles such as biceps, triceps and more using this equipment. To improve your overall fitness performance, this one can be the right choice.

Our chrome weight plates are made with premium quality material to ensure durability. You will get weight plates of multiple sizes and weights in this equipment.

3 Home Gym

The most versatile equipment that you can add to your residence workout space is the home gym. This equipment comprises multiple types of workout features to help you stay fit and active. Starting from cardiovascular to strength training and free weights, all machines are included in this compact device. You can work all over your body using this easy and convenient setup. You no longer need any gym membership when you get this amazing equipment for your home.

Our home gym equipment online comes with premium quality M.S. capsule-made pipe that has PU finish. The comfortable cushioned seats designed with heavy quality bearings are quite durable.

4 Treadmill

It’s one of the most popular gym equipment for fitness enthusiasts. If you want to ensure smooth leg movement and health, then you must get this equipment for your home. Those who don’t want to go for a walk outdoors prefer using a treadmill for walking and running purposes, which is considered the most effective cardiovascular exercise.

Some health benefits that a treadmill workout will ensure are improved heart health, improved knee health, weight control, and more. Those who have diabetes can reduce their insulin resistance using this convenient device.

Our Brand Marino treadmills are simple and yet highly effective.

The colorful equipment comes withpremium quality gym material to make sure you can use it for many years without any hassle. Whether keep it in your workout space or on the balcony to enjoy a nice view during your workout, you will be amazed to see the results.

5 Orbitrack

This one is ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels as it allows the users to perform low-impact workouts. An orbitrack helps improve walking, running and most importantly, stair-climbing movements. The device has dual-action handlebars as well as two pedals that you can use to perform the orbitrack workout.

There are adjustable resistance markers that you can change and set according to your workout preference. The workout is excellent for burning calories, improving heart health and growing muscles.

Our orbitrack machines are designed with monitors to track your performance time, distance, speed and calories. The hand pulse, handle support and comfortable seat make these devices extremely convenient for use.

Now that you know which 5 home gym equipment should be included in your home workout setup, just go ahead and buy online to get them delivered to your doorstep.

At Meerut Gym, you will get the most hefty and durable equipment crafted by seasoned designers. Apart from the above five pieces of equipment, you will also find multiple other types of gym equipment for a full-body workout.

So, explore our collection and choose these devices today to make your home gym setup complete.

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