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    Top Ten Commercial Gyms in Pune for a Fit and Healthy Body

    As per a recent survey of a leading health magazine, Pune is the second most health-conscious city in India. It is second to Kolkata, with people looking for a healthier diet, workout and, balanced work-life routine. People here look for the latest tech while choosing a commercial gym or buying equipment for working out at home.

    Though there are dozens of commercial gyms operating across the city, we discuss the top ten centers in this passage. They are leading the pack because they trust only the best equipment manufacturer in Pune. One of the leading equipment suppliers in Pune is Meerut gym & gymnastic works.

    Top ten commercial gyms in Pune

    Gold’s gym

    A commercial gym with a national and international presence, Gold’s gym is a well-renowned brand among fitness enthusiasts. With the latest technology, the best equipment, and skilled trainers, you will get the best gym experience at their center in Pune.


    Gold’s gym offers personalized fitness trainers and result-oriented exercises. You can also avail of their diet plan for the optimum result of the center. Their multi-faceted activities include Hatha yoga classes, Spinning, Kickboxing, Zumba Fitness, Power yoga sessions, TRX functional training workout, Masala Bhangra, dance activities, etc.

    If you want a gym with a globally recognized brand, tech-savvy equipment, and great workout sessions with the best trainers, join Gold’s gym for a fit & healthy physique.

    Dotfit fitness

    Dotfit Fitness provides a scientifically proven diet and workout routine. Their experienced and skilled trainers know all about recent research and development in the fitness industry.

    Dotfit fitness is equipped with the industry’s latest machines and equipment. You will get specialized training at their state-of-the-art facility in Pune.


    Their expert services are available for Zumba classes, power yoga, and hatha yoga, kickboxing, masala bhangras, spinning, and many more. One of the unique selling points of Dotfit fitness is its upgrade in infrastructure and equipment at regular intervals.

    Royal fitness club

    One of the most coveted fitness centers of Pune, the Royal fitness club offers unique features for its members. Several celebrities are members of the gym and great ambassadors of the brand. The gym is located in a prime spot in the city and easily accessible from all corners of the city.


    The most popular activities in the royal fitness club among members are cycling and indoor spinning. Their other activities are yoga sessions, aerobics, kickboxing, body conditioning, massage, ball pilates, and spa therapies. Expert trainers attain all members for optimum output of the exercise.

    Optimum fitness

    Optimum fitness is one of the largest commercial gyms in Pune. Their facility is an extensive unit of more than five thousand square ft. Each facility provides cardio, gym, and group activity.

    Unique selling points of Optimum fitness:

    • Scientifically proven exercises for better health benefits
    • Group activity to promote better health practices and a strong physique
    • Trainers are professionally sound and K11 certified
    • Exclusive health management program containing personalized diet plans and health profiling with body-specific exercises.


    Their services include yoga classes, Zumba sessions, aerobics, and spa, along with regular exercises with equipment.

    Impulse fitness

    If you want a separate area for a workout to minimize distractions, Impulse fitness has the scope to fulfill your desire. They have made arrangements for women and men zones so that you work in your comfort zone.


    Situated on Fakhri hills, Pune, Impulse fitness gym offers services under the observance of expert trainers. Their services include Zumba classes, pilates, regular & power yoga, spinning, functional training, and more.

    Transform fitness

    Transform fitness is one of the most economical commercial gyms in Pune. It is popular with youngsters and people who are looking for an affordable gym membership. Economical does not mean you have to compromise on amenities. You will find a locker room, centralized air conditioning on-premises, diet plan, etc.


    A special attraction is a free weight check-up session and group ex-studio. Their quality services include aerobics, Zumba, kickboxing, cardio exercise, Bollywood dance, power yoga, etc.
    Transform fitness is situated in Dhankawadi, Pune, and easily accessible from any part of the world.


    Solaris is serving the health-conscious residents of the city since the year of 1999. It is one of the oldest fitness centers in Pune. The key attraction of the gym is its self-defense classes and certified professional trainers.


    The center is famous for taekwondo and judo training. Other specialized services are body pump, body combat, RMP, and Tai Chi training. The center is situated in Tal-munshi areas.

    Solaris gym and fitness centers are spread across Pune and serve gym enthusiasts from its seven state-of-the-art fitness facilities. Their facilities contain modern and updated equipment from the leading gym equipment manufacturer in Pune.

    One of the leading equipment makers, Meerut gym & gymnastic works, serves Pune with export quality equipment, and top gym operators trust on us for their machine and tools requirements for several years.

    First Fitt

    Pune is one of the hotspots for IT and IT-related services in India. Thousands of people, mostly youngsters, stay and work in the city. To cater to this young IT population, First Fitt offers personalized exercise routines and diet charts.

    Young professionals want everything updated and tech-savvy, including wearable, AI, and VR-enabled equipment and the latest machines for work out. They want to stay updated on their body vitals and the effect of the workout.

    Leading manufacturers like Meerut gym and gymnastic works are equipped to supply modern and updated equipment with expert assistance for fitness centers in Pune.


    A special feature of First Fitt is its special training session for IT professionals. Their other services are bench aerobics, kickboxing, power yoga, HIIT, plyometrics, functional training, pilates, cardio, Zumba, etc.

    First Fitt is located in the Viman Nagar area of Pune.

    Arkfit Arena

    Fully air-conditioned, spread over five thousand square ft, Arkfit Arena is one of the top-end multi-specialty gyms in Pune. Their exclusive steam spa for men and women is a unique selling point of the gym among fitness enthusiasts.


    Their expert services are aerobics, Zumba, body conditioning, Bollywood dance, etc. Their team of skilled and experienced trainers and dietitians provides a comprehensive health plan for your strong immune and physique.

    The gym is located at Apte Road, Pune.

    Athlean fitness studio

    Athlean fitness studio offer gym experience out in the open, not under traditionally packed air-conditioned area. This is an innovative and much-loved concept introduced by this fitness center. Members appreciate working out in the park, and the gym has received excellent google reviews for specialist trainers, equipment, and innovative techniques.


    Their trainers support and explain every aspect of exercise and fitness plan. Their services are aerobics, Zumba, regular exercises, etc.

    Pune has one of the best per capita incomes, a young earning population, and a high literacy rate. All these factors push demand for fitness centers and gyms. To fulfill the demand of this vibrant population, gyms should always consult a certified and trustworthy gym equipment supplier such as Meerut gym & gymnastic works.

    We are indoor, outdoor gym equipment suppliers with stringent quality checks and all the necessary certifications and authorization.