Incline T Bar

  • Manufactured as per National body building federations specifications
  • Heavy Quality
  • Made of Heavy duty 2×4 14 gauze capsule MS iron pipe
  • Made for Better Exercises & pressure on Targeted Areas
  • Double cousin seats for better comfort
  • Easy installation
  • PU paint for better finishing
  • Design, Pipe, Gauze. seats & Paint quality can be customized as per customer specifications


The omni-directional movement of the Incline T Bar is smooth thanks to the universal bearing assembly. Narrow, neutral, and broad grips are both accommodated by a variety of handgrips. The seat pad can be adjusted to suit the user’s height. For improved grip consistency, two new handles have been added to the end. Weight storage horns that are standard remove the need for different weight trees. It has a one of a kind pattern from Marino for strengthening the lats and upper back. To overcome a lower back injury, a chest pad is given. Footplate and hand grips with several positions for barbell and neutral positions are provided in this Meerut Gym and Gymnastic Works product. It has platforms with anti-slip properties for added protection and stability. Footplates angled so that the knees, not the chest, bear the brunt of the body weight. For varied back isolation, choose between two wide and narrow grip handles. Rubber floor pads with a floor-fixing option are available.

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