Peck Deck

 Length: 1240 mm
 Width: 990 mm
 Height: 2110 mm
 Machine Weight: 212 kg
 Weight Stack: 90 kg



Weight frame of this Peck Deck is continuously welded and factory assembled, with fibreglass reinforced nylon pulleys. Unilateral and bilateral chest, back, and shoulder conditioning is provided by dual overhead variable resistance cams that allow each arm to Works independently. Uniquely engineered articulating pectoral arms of this Meerut Gym and Gymnastic Works product provides optimum pectoral and rear deltoid growth, as well as individual range of motion changes to suit users of all sizes. The Peck Deck will help you improve chest strength and muscle mass. The Peck Deck from Marino engages your chest and supporting muscles, especially your pectoralis major, which helps you to swing and pull your arms together. Your torso will be strengthened, and your shoulder blades will be stabilised. It allows you to finish the Worksout by opening up and strengthening the backs of your shoulders.

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