The Three Station Exerciser from Meerut Gym and Gymnastic Works lets you perform sit ups, twisting exercise and arm wheel exercise on one equipment. Sit-up Station is a lighter, narrower variant of the Sit-up Board. It is geared for school-aged children and young adults, but anybody looking for these specifications will use it. The exercises increase the strength of the abdominal muscles as well as the flex or community of hip and upper thigh muscles. Your whole core muscle community gets a workout at the Sit-up stop. On the Sit-up, there are two positions: one with the feet down and the other with the feet up and placed under the support frame. The Twister is a close relative to the Sitting Rotator, providing similar advantages in terms of extending the internal and external obliques but still focusing on the abdominal and extensor muscles of the spine. Arm Wheel is a common outdoor training device from Marino that is intended to improve the flexibility of the shoulder joint while also strengthening the muscles of the upper limbs and improving the endurance and agility of the shoulder point.

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